Thursday, August 4, 2011

Market Sale!

Huge Hello Everyone!

Well very exciting news
I'll be taking part in the Market sale being held

So exciting! I'll be selling large rainbow packs of doilies, more fimo
creations and some new fabric buttons I've been just making!

Now i also have some sad news
due to my study load I've been finding less time to do what i love
 and that means that Eye candy Magic will be changed
I'll be starting to sell through Esty and not via my blog,
I'll only be creating mainly fimo,
but if time permits me I'll be making a few fabric buttons and a few flowers.
but as you all seem to love my fimo as much as me
 I'll stick with the fimo.

So this weekend will be the the main sale of new things I've created.
and I'll start working on my store in Esty to bring you some more goodies that
 i have in the works :)

I can't thank you all enough for your support!

so in saying that i would like to making a sale on all kits!

ALL KITS $5.00!

so if there was a kit you liked just pop me an email and I'll pack and post it!
Please note that more than two kits postage is set at $5.00 due Australia post classing
them as parcel, but that's still saving money on the sale! :) 
Make sure you pop over to the market cause I'll have new fimo birdie pins
and some great deals on handmade flowers too!

Hope to have some sneak peeks tonight :)

Well darlings I'm off for a clean and than I'll fimo madness and creation mess time!!

Hope you all have a lovely day!
and I'll see you all at the markets!


Toni Cartwright said...

OH SAM Im Sad But Happy at least we can still buy your lovely products!!
im so glad i put my order in and received it early this week!!! LOL
Have a great day and hope all goes well for you!!!
Take Care

Chloe :-) said...

Oooo .... can't wait till tomorrow night to see all the goodies at the market!! I'm nervous as it's my first time ... but it should be fun! Looking forward to seeing your goodies :-)