Sunday, September 25, 2011

Weekend full of wonder

Huge Hello Everyone!

First i have to say a HUGE thank you to everyone whom placed
an Eye Candy Magic order

I'm truly overwhelamed by your kind comments and wonderful support.


I was in for some soul searching this week, between trying to find my
way through my scrappen supplies and been as brutal
as i could be with my stash, i was finding myself more lost thn when i started.

So i dropped in on an old Art class friend from the BC days {Before Children}

We had a HUGE chat about what it is to create and what we are really search for
when we put our create seleves to work.

We came to the similar conclusion that we create for the love of creating.
From taking something and making it our own...

I understand that i also work with Art to help me find myself.
I also came to the revalation that deep down i'm a collage artist and will forever
be collecting and creating because that is whom i am. 

As much as i enjoy Study and family there is alway
a part of me that is on the look out for inspiration and enjoy every exciting moment
creating, or dancing with muse as my Art friend would put it :)

After this chat with my friend i found a new sence of myself and i have given myself the
freedom to create what i like when i like.

I think this is where i had lost myself when i was more interested to sticking to what
was going on in the scrappen world and not what myslef wanted , which was to create and explore
with mediums :)

so of i wenting into a little what ever makes me happy mode
and i created this cover for a Dream journal.

As you can see i had some real fun just using some scraps and paints :)
Really enjoyed just gluing and painting on this journal and then doing some glimmer
mists and bling :)

I also really enjoyed creating the one offs from last sale and so i have started making some more
for next months Sale :)

With My TAFE homework done i also thought i would have a play with a Digital kit that
i was just got from Pickle Berry Pop

Called -Be Happy Designed by Armian Designs

with some paint splatters designed from Miss Mint
based on the template from Dawn Inskip.

So all in all it has been a wonderful weekend
and i really hope you all have had just as much if not more fun than I :)

Happy creating my fellow Scrappers :)



Rachael Funnell said...

Hey Hey SAM!!
Glad to here all is Well....
SOOOO L.O.V.E your Journal Cover!!!
Those Colors are So Divine....
As Always your couple of goodies for your next sale are YUMBO!!!
& Lastly Your Digi Layout is SENSATIONAL!!!! REALLY REALLY GORGEOUS...... Hope your have a AWESOME week CHICK A DEE!!!!! xx

Toni Cartwright said...

WOW Sam it must have been real nice to catch up with an old friend and to find within yourself again!!!
I love your Journal Cover Nice and bright and full of happiness
I so so so love your Digi Layout too!!! just STUNNING love those bright and wonderful colours!!!!!
You have a great week
Take Care

Angela said...

Hi Sam :-) Your journal cover is awesome!! you have found your groove well & truly... good on you!!

Can't wait for some of your new goodies... yummo!!!

Mitralee said...

I am so glad you had your chat with your friend! I was worried that if you stopped creating you'd feel like you lost a piece of you! Amazing book you created! Love it! Can't wait for my package!

Marie (Mazz) said...

hey SamIam...I'm so glad you had fun with the 'touchy feely stuff' again! those one off are gorgeous colours, as is that stunning journal cover. WOW! is that LO really digital? it look so REAL - does that mean I cant touch it? very creative and talent shining right on thru again. happy week treasure xxxxx

amanda73 said...

wow wow wow, i love that art journal cover....and i love love lovie that layout, just stunning.. and i love those colour me rainbow thingies youve made...lovie them

Marrissa said...

Oh my freeking goodness Sam, I am in loooove with that dream journal!! What a creative soul you are! Did u get my email the other week, I sent you a parcel and want to make sure you got it! Much loves to you my lovee, I miss you!! xx

Chantal Vandenberg said...

That journal is amazing!!! Wow - like an underwater treasure. Fabulous work!!!