Friday, March 9, 2012

Inspiration with a side of Cake

Huge Hello Everyone!!

Well besides having loads of Fun with School work i have been
diving head first into A piece of Cake Designs March kit

First Release - March Kit-

so so darn Yummy!

I've also been busy making a Technique Video to share with you all,
 An easy how to create your own Handmade decorative Masking tape

If you would like to see ...just pop over to

also would you like to see a sneak peek at what i have created??

Looks interesting??

Well i have to admit i have had real fun splashing the pink around :)

I also had to admit to myself that birthdays can be a lot of fun...

Yep that's right i had a Birthday, my 28th birthday...

i really thought this day would never come, so i thought to celebrate this milestone i would do something i have been wanting to do for a very long time....

Go fire twirling down by the beach :)

and JOY!! it was also a full Moon!

How magical!

here is a few photos and video of me :)

Just before twirling down the beach....

or follow this link

Some photos of me putting on a show for the boys :)

Always end with "Now Boys...DONOT play with Fire!!"
and fall into the long speal about how much you have to practice
and that Fire is Dangerous....

Then after a delish BBQ and Salad's (Thank you Justin! your a honey!!)
I was surprised with a Yumo Birthday cake!
Decorated by Justin and my little Locklan :)

How Yummy!

Not the most flattering shot but you get the idea :)

So all in all i had a very lovely birthday, i also wanted to say a HUGE thank you
to everyone of you lovely bloggin/FB scrappen creative friends that
stopped and wished me a Happy birthday, everyone of your message
made me smile and think, gosh I'm one lucky love to have so many friends
so ((((( HUGE CYBER HUGS!!!)))))))) to you all!!

Now I'm off to fall into was full on!
I need some sleep to dream up my next paint/paper adventure :)

Look forward to seeing what all of you have been creating!



amanda73 said...

happy birthday.......gorgeous pics, love the sneaks

Mitra Pratt said...

A HUGE happy to you! Congrats! Love the Fire on the Beach!

Rachael Funnell said...

A HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Miss Sam!!!
By the look of the photo's you had a WONDERFUL day.......
& those lil Sneaks from of what you have created with that DE- LISH kit look FANTASTIC! Enjoy your Weekend..

Marie (Mazz) said...

those pics sure show you're happy and full of 'colourful spirit' SamIam :) so glad you had a special day - cant wait to see a scrapped colourful LO of your day - bet will be full of eye candy magic LOL hugs'n'hearts xoxoxo
ps the cake looks awesome too Justin & Locklan :)