Saturday, April 28, 2012

Some Fantastic Finds to Share!!

Huge Hello Everyone!!

Well back to school for everyone in our house this week!
and i must say what a thrill to be back in the study loop again!
Assignments coming out all over the place!!
So sadly not creative fun happen on my end this well as work...
But i do have some fun things to share.....

I thought it would be fun to keep you and i inspired by some
fantastic finds i have come across over the past week...
1st up Blog with Brights!
i happen to come across this awesome blog while hopping around
a digital shop called
Jessica Asprague
now if you have every thought about digital scrappen but love certain
pattern papers then CHECK this OUT!
they carry brands such as
Cosmic cricket, Jenni Bowlin &
Echo Park!! 
Just think of the Hybrid things you could create!!!
back to my fantastic find story...
i was browsing and drooling over the digital goodies..
when i came across this designers

How JOY are these colours and pattern...just in the logo sign!!
but wait theres more! i totally fell in love with these digital flowers!!

So after i was so overly into these designs i had to pop over to this designers blog!!
and i tell you the colours didn't stop!!

This has got to be my most fave colour fix blog EVER!! so inspiring! and packed full of both colours and textures!!

Peek at her latest post pics.......

If you need a splash of colour Visit Danielle's BLOG!! 

2nd Fantastic find - Bottle Cap Co.

Now if your into bottle top caps then you must of heard of

I'm signed up to their newsletter and i was so inspired when i saw they have wooden Bingo chips...

Wooden Bingo Chip Set -30 Count
How JOY do these Look!! i so want some!!

But that's not all that is inspiring in there is Jammed packed with the most cutest bottle all different sizes and the awesome ideas!! there is so much fun to be had i think i really am going to have to check out these bottle caps and bit more...hehe

But as i was on the browse and drool again.....i seem to that a

I spotted my next Fantastic Find!!!

3rd Fantastic find - Free Printable!!

These are the MOST CUTEST free Printable I have ever seen!!
a MUST have!!! i had to share!!!

But they are not free forever! you have to get there and download them before 30th April!!
So pop over to Bottle Cap Co. click this link before the 30th April from these free printable!! 

Another reason why to sign up to their newsletter! get in on all the cool stuff! :)

My last Fantastic find is that of a sneak peek nature.....

Now that we are coming to the end of April you know what that means??!!!

Cover Photo

I'll be sad to say goodbye to April kit...oh how i loved it to bits...but Mays kits are looking simply scrumptious!!!

would you like a peek.....

I know!! How Swweeeeeet!!!!!

So make sure you keep your eyes Peeled! and watch out on Facebook or Blog to see when the sale date and more sneaks come :)

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend filled with creative inspiration!!



Rachael Funnell said...

WOW! these are some FAB Finds...
THANKS for sharing!!
Hope you have a wonderful & Creative weekend too...... ♥

Lizzy Hill said...

THANK YOU.....I'm off peeking now....I guess not too much of that for you, now those assignments are rolling in:):):)

Lizzy Hill said...

WOW! Fantastic links...have shared the bottle top one on...just GREAT::):):)

Chantal Vandenberg said...

You have such cool finds here!!! Love them so much! Especially the Kitschy Digitals one. Oh my gosh - sooooo cool! Reminds me of vintage 70s/80s Barbie! Love!!! And do you remember Jem and the Holograms? They were so cool too! Love all that stuff! :D Thanks for sharing... your a legend!!! xo