Saturday, May 18, 2013

Somethings Missing....

Huge Hello Everyone!
I seem to be missing something,
I have being trying to find it....not sure how
It's been missing for sometime now and my frustration is grow.
I had plans to continue with being creative through my Facebook page
and seems to be a bust,
Even taking photographs have been a mission,
I have started this month a photo a day challenge to get myself back into
at least taking photos and capturing the moments.
Depressions is a funny thing, sucks the life out of you and your left to really
find yourself balance.
I am getting better, it has taking me a while to even admit that
I am suffering from depression, bit of a surprise when it creeps up on
I want to start taking more photos and start with a different scrap challenge a month.
I think this is how i'm going to find my groove, find that wonderful something I
have been missing for at least 6 long months now...
I have to promise to myself to really try and get back to where I was creatively
and find that happy place filled with laughter, love and paint :}
Thank you all for listening and showing your support
through the past years, all your encouragement and community spirit has made me
feel as I am a part of something amazing and wonderful.
Please take a moment and give yourself a HUGE HUG!
cause you are amazing and incredible!
 “Today you are You, that is truer than true.
There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” - Dr Suess


Marie Mazz CAIRNS said...

Empathy and a listening cyber space is what I can offer...YOU are beautiful so just take care of YOU then Sam I Am will come too <3 huge hugs'n'hearts Mazz xxx

amanda73 said...

oh sam...hope you are starting to feel better.............. i know exactly how you feel... im also suffering depression, although its controlled with meds now.... if your ph no is the same, i will call you some time for a chat

Von said...

Prayers and Blessings Sam. Life is such a roller coaster at times. Great that you can reach out, amazing how many in this cyber community identify with and care about each other.
Hugs ... Von

Sandra said...

Hi Sam, just want to say 'keep your chin up' and get creative soon, it always helps even if we scrap the not so good times. Hugz

Lizzy Hill said...

half the battle is accepting then doing something to try & move look how far you've come already. Good on you:):) I tried to follow you on FB but it never really worked....the challenge a month idea is really good...not too much stress, but a goal to set yourself....I miss your bright, happy embellies, too..I still have some & they make me smile just looking at them. Chin up, keep stepping.....:):):)