Saturday, August 21, 2010

I am one lucky Duck!!!

Hello everyone!
For the last two days i've been in a complete daze of pure utter shock and joy!! My parents had splashed out for Justin and I and bought use this incredible computer!!! thats right! Double OMG!!! Yes i'm the luckiest girl to have my parents!! (i thought that even before i was give the I think this is the most awesome computer in the world!! Serouisly i couldn't even bring myself to touch it as i was afraid i was just haven a dream! lol! It's very true that i love my comptuer - since all my Friends live in it! lol Now i'll be trying to get ever little thing off my laptop and into backup and onto my New i haven't thought of a name for her yet but it's going to be something sweet! lol SO HUGE THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to my wonderful parents!! you totally ROCK!! and you wont see or hear from me  for a few weeks as i'm just to busy with my plus could you drop by to pick up the kids for a few!! Seriously I'm on cloud nine!! so here is a fe photos of my Beast!
SO Lucky!! THank you MUM and DAD!!! XXXXXXOOOOOOOO


Marie (aka Mazz) said...

you sure a lucky duck Samantha...and I'm the jealous duck LOL...WTG Sam and TFS....sorry no time for me to display any candy atm...possibly NEWS tho this week this (my) {blog)space LOL xxx

Belinda said...

Oh lucky girl!!!! What awesome parents! have fun with your new baby, and YAY!!!!!!!! i can comment!!