Saturday, January 29, 2011

Not long now

Huge hello everyone!

Its been one h*ll of a busy week!
not much scrappen done :( i had the same layout sitting on my table for like four
days before i got to ink it and glue it down...yeap thats how busy it's been in this

well thursday i finally enrolled in my TAFE course...NOW (New Oppourtunities for Women)
i even have apply first aid in the course outline :D Not bad hey :D
well it's only 3 days a week for 16 weeks then i'm looking at business studies for the next 6months
so that is most of my year
Justin finishes work on Monday so it's all home duties for
He seems to be looking forward to it and getting into him jarring ...i'll explain as 
the mystery

still i'm thinking i haven't blog like in a whole week!
OMG! it just doesn't feel right! i'll be sure to pop up on every Sunday 
at the very least! i promise myself!
well now let me show you what had been sitting on my scrappen desk for four

      Now you can see why! lol using the October Afternoon papers
and some over done
still it's different...
well i moved right along from that mess and dived into the new colour pallet from

I have to admit i love Purple! so i totally loved this pallet 43
i got a little carried away with the Sassafrass
but i loved making the purple masked paper

This has got to be one of my most fav photos, Justin having a nap with lockie :D

well i have to admit i did get to start a new book
but that is almost a feww very late nights...
Just can't put down a good

well i'm hoping your having a fantastic weekend and i hope i
can get into the scrappen some bo bunny tomorrow
cause we all know Sunday is a Must scrap day! :D

Thanks for stopping by and Thank you for all your lovely comments
they make me smile :D


Rachael Funnell said...

Hey SAM! 2 Absolutly Awesome layouts..
The Park Layout is SOOO Cool- That photo is too Cute!!
My dreamers Layout SO Bright & colourful, You do bright & Colourful Sooo FAB U LAS!!

Marie (Mazz) said...

SAMIAM...I am SO SO SO gonna miss you! AND your gorgeous work...well actually I have to cut down on my scrapping too...most likely have to go get a "proper" job as my DDH says...2 days pw child care is just not paying the know how it is!! and your
DH is about to find out too LOL hey congratulations on your DEC
ISIONs and best of luck on your endeavours. I KNOW 100% that it will all be great for you! {mwah & hugs and xxx}

amanda73 said...

wow, im loving these pages, just awesome young miss