Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Try an Easy Gift Boxes!!

Huge Hello Everyone :D
Well With Love day only a week and a few short days away
i thought i would do a little vid on making these very easy Gift Boxes :D

So grab a cuppa and get ready to have a little laugh
at me trying to show you
seriously i think i'll have to think out my vids a bit 
But enjoy :D

Now after you have watched this vid i hope you give the Gift box a go it's really simple
and can make them even more amazing with your own style of decorating

Now i'm seriously wanting to see your for a little added motivation to try this gift box
out i'll give the first person who uploads their Gift box before 14th Feb 2011 into
 i will send a Lovely RAK for you being such a sweet heart and given them a go :D

Talking about RAK
i want to anncounce our winner for my 100th Post giveaway...
*****************DRUM ROLL**********************

your a complete hunny! and i'm super stoked your name Jumped out of the hat :D
I'll grab your addy my paper filing skills have left me
Thanks to everyone who left me comments and always
given me the smile and bounce in my step
I totally HEART my follower! 
they are all so creative and inspiring!!

Well today was Ash firsts day back to school and his first day of Pre this is the first of
his full five days at school....

OMG! how can they grow up so quick!!
My baby!
i'm starting my TAFE  course on the 15th i'll keep up posted on how that
is i'm actually nervious as h*ll!
But i'm sure they won't eat me alive! ...(i
Well Justin is stripping the kitchen clean and re-organizing
bloody chefs!
well i'm looking forward to some delish meals....
i'll try and keep a dinner
show you what the Man can cook...and why i'm not losing any
i'm looking over some of the new challenge going up around the blogging world and 
i'm feeling that lovely i'm off to start on sketch challenge :D
Happy scrappen Lovelies


amanda73 said...

will check out your vid a little later when i have more time, they look great though.............. my Connor started prep(same as your pre primary) this year too...was so funny, he thought school wasnt an everyday occurance, but a one-off event lol, and wasnt going back on the 2nd day lol....... you tell me where the time goes, Connor is son #6 for me, and my oldest is 18 in a couple mths

kevin blumer said...

you love art all forms would you say a tatoo was a form of art i have my signature on my arm why cause i was sick of the bank asking for id the tatooist thought i was crazy

AnItA mArIe said...

awesome vid sam,totally love the little bags..hugz Anita

Marie (Mazz) said...

no YOU are the funny hunny!! i got here via deb's to have a peak at 1 or your awesome vids...oh yeah I'll post it on my blog again -
if I HAVE TO lol...last thing I expected was a RAK from you he ...thanks SamIam, its truly made my day...i've bn a bit emotional today after having resigned to finishing up the Munchkins - last day same as your first - 15th Feb...that's when my public liability insurance expires and unless I get at least 1 full time munchkin by then I will be on the job hunt AGAIN...just need to get ahead again with the bills...hey I'm 100% certain they wont bite your head off but they might chew !!LOL your DH chef sounds amazing, i really wanna visit now he he i titally HEART you too {mwah}

amanda73 said...

im doing your bag now...... had to come and have another looksie at the vid though, cos im lost with the triangly bit on the side to make the opening lol, ..should have it uploaded at debs this arvo

my partner is like yours, not into pink or crafty stuff, so not makin it for him lol

amanda73 said...

my gift bag is done debs gallery, and on my blog...thanks for the great tutorial..