Sunday, January 16, 2011

Now for something completey different...

Huge hello Everyone!!

Well i haven't been up to anything too
Just enjoying a Sunday with My boys , trying to wash some walls for our rent
inspections on Wednesday...same day i get to enrol!!!
Really looking forward to getting back into study and then onto greater things...
not that my boys are not the greatest things i'll ever have/be...Just need to get back into the rat race so to
will miss the SAHM routine...and i know my scrappen will turn into a late night thing
What ever will be will be! :D
Just as long as my boys are happy and i get some me time all is sweet!

How you have enjoyed your Sunday!
I bet Sunday has to be one of the best days!

Any hoo! i've gotten into the Colour Room (AT LAST!) i've been floating around but never seem to stick to the colour  well least i've been getting the
Now wait till you see this Pallet

How Yummy!! and the layouts in the Colour Room!
OMG! seriously worth drooling over!!
so after a while of staring i was all for a simple layout and amp up the
saturation of the pallet...
But thigs got a little out of hand and the page took on a mind of it's

This is a photo of my Neice Princess Maddison :D i thought her bather totally fit this pallet!
and i'm so glad i used some felt for a change! :D
Totally enjoyed rolling around in my Sassafrass :D

then My scrap table was turned into a Cave (Kids building so i cranked up Photo shop and dived in a template challenge from PickleBerry Pop...Man i almost forgot how much Fun it is to scrap on the computer! no Mess no fuss! no worries! ....i think i would miss the hands on feel and the shopping! mind you it's just as easy to get into shopping with all the digital kits! lol!

I have ponder many times about going all digital but i think i'm too far gone to get rid of my stash...just too much!!

Well here is what  i came up with Using the Wild Child Kit by Lindsay Jane and the Template by LorieM Designs

Now here is a question....Could you go all digital???
I also have a real issue with storage!! Now no joke i haven't bought an album for a while so i have now four piza boxes full of finished layout!! How do you cope with your Storage??? Not just the materials i mean the Finished creations!!....Should i just make a libary??? LOL!

Oh well least i had fun making

Happy scrappen lovely :D


amanda73 said...

wow, both those layouts are absolutely amazing, loving them both totally

NO i couldnt go digi..... im a paper girl all over, never tried digi and have no intentions of doing it

Trudi said...

Sam so pleased you found your way into the Color Room - it is such a lovely place to be inspired and I just adore your take on the palette. Those Sassafrass Papers are perfect.

Your digi is just awesome too.

Alanna said...

Lovely LO :) I don't think I could go all digital EVER! I'm only starting out so I'm still on my first album hehe but I do understand how it could be a problem in the future, a library is a good idea!

I can see the benefits of digital; and I like adding a digital aspect to LOs, but I would miss the shopping and having physical goodies to look at and play with... and I got into scrapping because of the hands on fun - wouldn't be the same in digital...

I hope I never cross over completely :)

AnItA mArIe said...

wow sam,totally love your layouts with all that colour...

Rachael Funnell said...

Hey Sam!!

Lovin your newly renovated Blog So to speak!!! OMGoodness Sam... Your TCR #40 Layout is Awesome!!! Colours are Fab, Well Done! Also so Very Stunning Digi Layout looks Super Cool!!! I Would Love to have a go @ digi Scrap... BUT i'm not very good with computers! Maybe 1 day..
And finally hope you still get time to Scrap & Blog otherwise me is gunner miss ya!! Sniff Sniff..

Marie (Mazz) said...

OM GOODNESS this is such GOODNESS and as you know I just ADORE brights and THIS IS JUST so BREATHTAKING! the colours are know I honestly, without bias LOL, wreckon you should SUBMIT this one! the texture, the layering, the photo, the EVERYTHING !!! SO MUCH to look at! now I realise i've been SHOUTING but have you been hearing me LOL {"MWAH HUG< HEARTS}

mandysea said...

Beach Babe is just a stunner!! The colours are striking and so much fabulous detail - the more I look, the more I see!!! gorgeous!

Nope cant see me ever going digital... I'm way way too tactile!