Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Work in Progress

Huge hello Everyone!!

Well i've just got to say....WOW! there are some beautiful Blog out there!
After seeing so many i wanted to get a new look for my blog...BUt after some real hair pulling
ihaven't found one yet that i like and am able to use *eye roll* so bare with me as my blog willbe changing a bit as i'm looking for some thing a little more brighter and whimsical...
if you know any great place...PLEASE let me know :D

So with that in mind i'm also have some hiccups with Blog hopping
i really want to comment on everyone blog that took the time to come
and leave me love (As this really brightens My day and makes me feel not so alone)
But my internet keeps timing out!! AARRHH! why is love so difficult!
Still i'm just haven to time it right! 
Seriously i'm going to keep this blog up as i really will miss all of you and i really
love haven a rant and showing you all what i've been not everyone understand
why i love scrapbooking/paapercraft so much....
Like the other day when My sister popped over
first time in so long that i was showing off nilly a whole ablum of layouts she hadn't  
 seen! alwell as showing my goodies off that i got about a month ago..
She gave me that look of...."yeah right....thats nice...but you payed how much???"

But thierP-R-I-M-A!
see i knew you would
really they were a bargian cause they were 40% off at Anna's Crafting Cupboard!
Yeah i know...40%!!!
see some people just don't get at least my mum understands the shopping bit
she is always telling me to take up on sales!

still these are the moments i think about all of you and go least they understand
and i have friends that totally know the need to scrap!!!

So today was the big day...Rent Inspection!! and all was Sweet!
Actually i was very surprised to see the lady left use little lolliepops and some taffy!
How lovely is that! i mean it lovely getting a paper with Everything is beautiful and clean
but lollies too! Oh i love this lady!

Spent the morning with My Aunty Joan and Uncle Jim at my parents for  a lovely
lunch, and it was so wonderful catching and just haven a great natter,

Also had Enrolments today....well found out that my course enrolments are next week
so i was able to leave my papers and my name down so i'm in!!
Just about a student....EEEeeeee!!! so exciting!!

so two more weeks of hoildays and Ash and I are back too school!
so i'm going to get really scrappen!!
two more weeks of just scrappen bliss!

talking about scrappen i've just strated the Get picky sketch!
have you seen it?!

so i'm going to disappear and finish it and get back to show you :D
Happy scrappen :D


Alanna said...

Changing blog layouts etc is so hard! I'm so fussy and always go through about 50 different backgrounds and then end up back at the original one :(

Hehe about what your friend said! My bf is like that... I have to hide my invoices when I get parcels! He loves that I have a hobby I enjoy and I keep explaining that my scrapbooking supplies aren't going to expire... they're an investment in our future :)

That is a nice sketch to play with... looking forward to seeing what you come up with :)

Rachael Funnell said...

Hey Sam!! Funny things, You Having changed your blog.... ME to!! LOL
Hey Also You saying your blog & internet Troubles?? I've notice your blog always ask the bloggger for approval!!! But I've left messages on your post & they are not there days after or even now????
I have commented on your TRC#41- & still not there??
anyway have a good night.....

P.S Hope that all makes sense!!

2amscrapper said...

I love your blog layout. And I also love scrappy supplies! Thanks for visiting my blog today.